The SkinnyFit VIP

$65.95 each

Single Teatox


The Single Teatox is perfect for the first-time SkinnyFit user, or anyone who! The Single Teatox will help get you ready to fit into that cute dress or feel more confident for your upcoming special occasion. This 28-Day supply is our original Teatox system and helps jumpstart anyone wanting to get started with a healthier lifestyle. You’ll love the initial cleansing benefits as well as the tightening effect it has on your belly, and it’s great to use after a week of indulging. Of course, you’ll want to pair the Single Teatox with a pattern of clean eating and a little exercise for the best results. You got this!
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The Besties Pack Most Popular!

$41.22 each

3 Teatox


Get ready for even MORE gorgeous benefits with the Besties pack! This one is a steal with 3 bags of SkinnyFit for a special reduced price. This 84-Day Supply can be used consecutively, bi-monthly or shared with your Bestie so you can Teatox as a team! It’s perfect for getting your body beach ready for summer, a vacation, or for an upcoming trip to keep you healthy and glowing while you travel. The Besties Pack is for those who want to have extended, enhanced teatoxing benefits. Don’t forget to use your SkinnyFit in conjunction with a healthy meal plan and regular physical activity! You’ll love how you feel.
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The Party Pack

$34.95 each

6 Teatox


By far the biggest bang for your buck, the Party Pack ensures that you’ll never (like, ever) miss a gorgeous benefit! With 6 bags of the 28 Day Teatox, the Party Pack will last you almost 5 months. If you’re a regular SkinnyFit babe or you’re already in love with the naturally cleansing, tightening and immunity boosting effects, this pack is for you! You can space your Teatox cycles over a longer time period or use a few back to back. Or if you like to share the love, the Party Pack is a great bundle to purchase for passing a few out to your squad as gifts. The more, the merrier!
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